Boer Goat Breeding

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Since moving to Mangalore in 2014 and taking over a small herd of commercial Boer Goats, Linda’s pursuit has been the constant improvement in herd quality, husbandry practices and meat production. With a passion for information as the basis for improved breeding, Linda introduced measurement, recording and assessment techniques to track various aspects of animal performance including fertility, mothering, progeny, birth weight, daily weight gain, worm resistance and body structure (such as size, shape, feet, teats, teeth, horns).

Selection of quality breeding stock has been key to the enhancement of animal performance and the carcases produced.

Recent trialling of different animal types and sizes in meat production has given great insight into carcase production, meat quality (including presentation, meat colouring and fat cover) and the ultimate meat taste, texture and quality.

Quality assurance of the meat animal starts from the conception to get the best animal on the ground for the purpose of meat production.  Confidence in our product is supported by simple proven practices at each step of the meat production process.