Ecologically Conscious Farming

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Boorandarra Farmis the McKenzie family farm in Mangalore. Here Boer Goats, assorted livestock, vegetables, timber, services, other productsaregenerated from our farm on a small scale.

The priority on setting up the farm in 2014 was to be able to conserve some of the amazing remnant indigenous vegetation, whilst having valuable pastureland for stock grazing.  The beneficial assistance of a Landscape architect with knowledge in improving land-use and productivity; land management; land rehabilitation and indigenous vegetation protection enabled the replanning of the farm to achieve these objectives.

Some of the grass trees (The Austral Grass Tree (X. australis) on the property are possibly 600 years old!!! It takes 20 years for a grass tree to grow a trunk.  Here the grass trees grow around .5cm per year.  There are some specimens over 3.5 metres tall.

Native grasses make up much of our pasture.  Researching and learning about these grasses has delivered remarkable results in our production regime.